Bac Lieu takes actions toward fast and sustainable development

2:35 sáng | 24/12/2017

Bac Lieu has made positive changes after 20 years of re-establishment and affirmed its position in the Mekong Delta region. The achieved results are thanked to leadership role of Party’s Committee of Bac Lieu province in all respects. Secretary of Party’s Committee of Bac Lieu Province Le Minh Khai shares about the province’s achievements after 2 years of implementation of Resolution of 15th Provincial Party Congress (2015-2020).

Could you please share some socio-economic achievements of Bac Lieu after 2 years of implementation of Resolution of the Provincial Party Congress?

The resolution has clearly said that Bac Lieu needs to mobilize all resources to promote hi-tech agricultural development toward sustainability in line with industrial and service development, to build a synchronous infrastructure network, to promote social progress and equality, to ensure spiritual and material lives for local people, etc. to turn Bac Lieu into a province with fairly good economic growth in the region.

Bac Lieu has achieved positive results in all fields such as economic growth, seafood, rice, etc. Industrial production and export value continues growing while maintaining stable consumption price index, providing interest rate support policies to solve difficulties for enterprises. Additionally, the province has made positive changes in fields of education & training, science, technology, culture, health & poverty reduction and hunger eradication, social order and security.

Bac Lieu has worked out a plan to promote hi-tech agricultural development, clean industry and environmental protection. To agriculture, the province has established a hi-tech agricultural zone for breeding shrimp. This is a premise to turn Bac Lieu into a center for breeding shrimp of the whole country as approved by the Prime Minister. The zone has attracted nearly 20 investors in field of producing shrimp bloodstock, shrimp feed; processing shrimp, treating water; producing probiotics and bio-products, etc. The province is now selecting enterprises to develop models of breeding shrimp in this hi-tech agricultural zone.

Bac Lieu also focuses on developing renewable energy including wind and solar power. 5 wind power projects are in the process of completing investment procedures. Other big investors aim to develop solar power projects in agricultural land. These projects are expected to be constructed from now to 2018.

In addition, the province is paying a special attention to development of culture & tourism with many ongoing projects such as Bac Lieu Dude Tourism Area, spiritual tourism area in Truc Lam Temple, Quan Am Phat Dai Temple, Tac Say Church, international schools, Sai Gon – Bac Lieu General Hospital, etc.

Socio-economic achievements of Bac Lieu are important factors for the province to do a good job in taking care of families under preferential treatment policy, poor households. The rate of poor households decreases by 2% y-o-y with living standards of local citizen much improved.

What specific actions will be done by Bac Lieu to accompany and support enterprises in the process of global economic integration?

Global economic integration means severe competition pressure; enterprises will face numerous challenges. Facing this, Bac Lieu has worked out many business support policies including Action Plan No 17-CTr/TU dated April 25 2017 on effectively implementing the progress of global economic integration, maintaining political – social stability in the context of Vietnam’s participation into new free trade agreements. Some other solutions include: strengthening administrative reform, creating the most favorable conditions for all economic components; concretizing policies of Central Government in localities; adjusting its planning to create favorable conditions for carrying out projects; improving investment environment, supporting enterprises to enhance competitiveness; mobilizing all resources for infrastructure development; training human resource, etc.

In addition, Bac Lieu also pays a special attention to development of young entrepreneurs through consolidating Bac Lieu Young Entrepreneur Association, developing startup ideas and corporate management; preparing for establishment of startup support fund, etc. All aim to establish and develop a strong – dynamic group of entrepreneurs.

How has Bac Lieu paid attention to improvement of business and investment environment to further attract investment?

We have drastically implemented the Government’s resolution on improvement of business and investment environment, enhancing competitiveness with positive results. A total of 14/21 administrative procedures related to investment and business has been much improved including: cutting time of business establishment to 1 working day; issuing Certificate of Investment Registration in 3 working days; adjusting Certificate of Investment Registration in 1 working day; time of accessing power in 24 working days, etc. The province has applied online tax declaration system (96%) and electronic tax payment system (94.22%). “one stop shop” policy has been implemented at 18/19 departments and agencies at provincial level, 7/7 at district level, 64/64 at commune levels.

With these efforts, Bac Lieu’s investment environment has been much improved. Till now, a total of 30 big enterprises has completed procedures of investment registration into hi-tech agricultural zone for breeding shrimp in Bac Lieu, the province is now calling for investment in other fields. This is the first time Bac Lieu receives much attention from big enterprises.

How will Bac Lieu do to create a more open investment environment and to enhance its competitiveness?

Bac Lieu has strengthened administrative reform, including constructing Public Administration Center at provincial and district levels where receive dossiers and return results to investors and enterprises. All related dossiers and procedures will be solved at single place under stringent inspection to ensure compliance with regulations and to create the most favorable conditions for investors and enterprises.

In addition, Bac Lieu will continue carrying out many solutions to improve its investment and business environment, to enhance competitiveness and strengthen support polices for enterprises under Resolution N0 19/NQ-CP and Resolution No 35/NQ-CP. Additionally, the province will cut down time of solving business related administrative procedures, organizing dialogues with enterprises twice a year at least to timely remove difficulty for enterprises and investors, establishing hotline, providing online Q&A services to receive feedbacks from enterprises, conducting inspection on enterprises as stipulated. Bac Lieu continues offering many incentives and support services at the highest level under the framework of regulations of the Government, strengthening investment attraction into “hi-tech agricultural zone for breeding shrimp in Bac Lieu” and building Bac Lieu into a center for breeding shrimp of the whole country approved by Prime Minister. It is expected, with such a development orientation, Bac Lieu will attract more domestic and foreign investors to promote the development of shrimp farming area. This will help create a driving force for the development of other sectors.

In addition, we will take full advantage of support from the Central Government to introduce our list of projects calling for investment, opening more information channels to promote and introduce our key projects calling for investment. Especially, it is our policy to actively seek and directly contact with domestic and foreign investors to introduce investment opportunities of Bac Lieu province – a land of huge potential contributing to process of fast and sustainable development of Bac Lieu.

                                                                                 Kim Oanh