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Hoi An renewal model sustainable growth

4:10 sáng | 17/07/2017

On the basis of promoting the potentials and advantages to promote economic development, especially the tourism economy associated with renewing the model of sustainable growth, quality and competitiveness, the past time Hoi An Party and authorities have actively mobilized all social resources to boost investment in the development of technical infrastructure, especially motive power plants, as well as to promote the development of products. A unique tourism product, thereby leveraging economic development and improving the lives of local people.

Take advantage of the development

Hoi An is one of the northern gateways of Quang Nam province to trade with Ho Chi Minh City. Danang – the largest urban center in the Central and one of the major economic centers of the country. Over the past years, thanks to the good potentials available, Hoi An economy has achieved great achievements. In particular, in 2016, most of the socio-economic development targets of the city reached and exceeded the plan set with production value (GO) reached over 7.423 billion, up 12.9% over the year. 2015; Economic structure continues to move in the right direction; Per capita income reached VND 36.78 million, an increase of VND 3.8 million compared to that of 2015. However, in terms of mobilizing and using investment capital, there are still some limitations that make growth rate The head does not match the potentials and advantages of the locality. The trade-service-tourism sector has not yet brought into full play its potentials and advantages in order to create competitiveness in the face of growing pressure of neighboring localities.


To resolve the above-mentioned shortcomings, Chairman of the City People’s Committee Hoi An Nguyen Van Dung said that in the coming time, the city will continue to innovate thinking in the direction and administration; Efforts to overcome the shortcomings; To focus on mobilizing all resources for development investment, stepping up the building of the eco-cultural-tourist city in association with the task of managing and preserving the world cultural heritages of Cu Lao Cham and Ancient Towns. . To step up investment in the development of technical infrastructure, enhance the management of natural resources and environmental protection; To actively respond to climate change and natural disaster prevention. Develop culture, ensure social security; Improve efficiency, make a clear transformation in administrative reform. Strengthening defense consolidation, ensuring security – politics and social order and safety, creating a stable environment for development.

Mobilize all the people to do travel together

Tourism is identified as a key economic sector of the city. Hoi An. Therefore, the City government always attaches importance to the development of tourism in the direction of improving service quality. Accordingly, the city has promoted the arrangement of street vendors, old street sidewalks, create harmonious beauty, urban civilization. Since then it has eliminated the raid, pressure on tourists, making a good impression in the hearts of tourists near and far. In addition, the city has launched a movement to build a friendly city, setting up a code of conduct to raise public awareness of visitors, through which every citizen becomes a promoter, Introduce the gentle beauty, hospitality of the ancient city in the most effective way.

Based on the characteristics of each region, Hoi An has developed and developed new tourism products, as well as the policy of promoting community tourism, creating conditions for people to enjoy right on their own heritage. Through the development of many types of accommodation services in the people. In particular, the type of homestay is very developed, giving visitors a new experience when visiting Hoi An.

Also on the basis of promoting strengths, TP. Hoi An is struggling to mobilize social resources to invest in the development of tourism infrastructure such as parking lots, stops, public toilets and service facilities at Cua Dai port. Cu Lao Cham also encourages tourism business units to continue to improve the quality of visitor services, from improved service attitudes to improved visitor services.