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Businesswoman Nguyen Thi Kim Lien: Business woman of the mind and talent

4:22 sáng | 25/07/2017

Over the years, the role and position of business women has been increasingly confirmed on the economic front of the country. Not only contribute significantly to the economic development of the locality, the country, many business women are aggressive in carrying out the responsibility to society and the community by loving activities, Social charity, helping the community, caring for the poor … One of them is businesswoman Nguyen Thi Kim Lien, director of General Trading Co. Ltd., she is a face Typical business woman, Da Nang City on the economic and social front.

Rising up brand assertiveness

Born as a teacher, Nguyen Thi Kim previously had almost no knowledge, experience in the field of business. Having turned to business after a major family event, she took over the company when the company was at its most difficult, lacking funds, lack of personnel, debt and stagnant goods. Lien confided: “First time holding the tax report, I burst into tears because I do not understand how to do business, maintain here? How much extra support, the efforts of husband, family, relatives help? Then, I decided, only to learn, to learn one thing at a time. So, she embarked on her business studies, her self-study through colleagues, friends, family members and even her competitors in the market. In those difficult years, she enrolled in all short courses, overtime on corporate governance, accounting and business, and joined the association as a member. By the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Small and Medium Enterprise Association, the Young Businessmen Association, the Women Entrepreneurs Club, the Da Nang Economic Science Association … to learn. With the eagerness of learning, sincerely and enthusiastically, many sisters in organizations and associations are dedicated to exchanging, consulting, guiding the way of doing business, penetrating into the market. And she gradually grasp the market, set up business direction, find ways to penetrate to understand the market, make a profit. By the dynamic, sharp, bold investment in equipment innovation, she has taken the company through difficult times to step up.

The major business of the company is trading automobile items such as automobile tires, batteries, wheels, lubricants, toys and utility cars … Its products are mainly imported from Japan, India, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia … The mark of the customer is not only good products but also service Customer dedicated, thoughtful, creative. In order to meet the needs of development, the Company has invested in many modern equipment and machinery to provide the best car care services such as: steering angle adjustment, lead grinding lead, Nitrogen pumps At the same time attach importance to training human resources, building a team of customer care prestige and professional. Recently, the world’s leading Michelin tire company has selected Grady as an agent and is certified by the Michelin Service Center (MSC). The company has completed the “Michelin Tourism Tire Service Center”. This center is invested modern machinery and technology, providing customers with the best services in car care so that customers can drive safely, comfortably and peacefully when traveling on Street. Up to now, over 18 years of operation and development, the company has become a leading distributor of domestic products of automobile tire manufacturers in Vietnam such as DRC (Rubber Da Nang), CSMN … and car accessories, motor vehicles, lubricants, office equipment, along with car care. If the market is only in the Central and Central Highlands, the market is now expanded to the whole country. Annual revenue of the company is growing 30-40% over the previous year.

People light their faith

Not only impressed with the community is a good economist, talented human resource manager, entrepreneur Nguyen Thi Kim Lien is also known as a person of compassion for social activities, help Support the poor and the handicapped. Business people and communities favor her with the title “The Light of the Believer,” “The Silent Generator,” or “The Businesswoman”. She helps people with disabilities to help disadvantaged people in the community without requiring recognition or recognition. It was the carelessness that helped him, who had many good fortune to come to her as a repayment of life. There was a customer who came to Travian to meet the Director of Lien for her “honor”, hearing about what she did as well as receiving the Brec- Honor workers with disabilities and businesses for employees with disabilities “who want to become partners. The customer said he should have gone elsewhere but he chose the company to cooperate as a favor with his esteemed esteem by kindness. “Can help anyone give them a chance!” – That view is the reason for Director Nguyen Thi Kim Lien, owner of the General Trading Co., Ltd. – although in business conditions. Many difficulties still manage to create more stable jobs for people with disabilities, suitable with capacity and ability of each person at their own facilities. For her, this work is not only love, sympathy for the less fortunate but also social responsibility of a business for the community and society.

Her heart is always expressed clearly through the preferential policies of recruiting people with disabilities. At present, there are 18 employees and 6 employees