October deployed project management, supervision of goods at the airport

4:14 sáng | 17/07/2017

In order to inform the company about the plan to implement the project on managing and supervising goods at airports, on the afternoon of July 4, the General Department of Customs held a seminar to introduce the plan of implementation, problems and technical solution. Attending the workshop were about 40 companies dealing in warehouses, yards, airlines.

The implementation of the scheme aims to simplify and harmonize customs procedures with the procedures of storage and port enterprises, seaports and airlines and related parties through the application of the public system by the customs office. Information technology to exchange and update information with port businesses, warehouses to closely monitor the process of moving, fluctuation and condition of the goods from the time of entry into and out and Transportation between locations subject to customs supervision. Thereby shortening the time and cost of customs declarants to process; At the same time, it strengthened the management of customs in controlling, supervising and controlling, improving the compliance of enterprises, preventing commercial fraud, smuggling and ensuring national security. .

According to the plan, the information system supporting the management and supervision of cargo at airports will be piloted at Hanoi Customs Department in October 2017. Accordingly, representatives of the Department of Customs Information and Statistics also presented the problems and technical solutions to implement the cargo management and control system at ports. not. Participants in this system include: Customs Authorities; Businesses of warehouses and storing yards; Airlines, airlines; DN NK, XK; Forwarding agent, customs agent; Regulators of ministries, sectors and other stakeholders.

The IT system solution is specifically: the deployment of a centralized information technology system for the exchange of information between customs and air cargo companies and related parties through the One Stop Shop The country addresses three issues: managing and supervising goods at customs supervised locations; Supervise the movement of goods between locations subject to customs supervision; Ancillary problem to support customs management. Risk management will be applied throughout the monitoring and supervision of goods to support identification of key test subjects for screening before / after … thereby improving the compliance of enterprises …