Corporate Governance and Corporate Risk Management – Global Trends

4:08 sáng | 25/07/2017
Encourage the sustainable development of the business. The question is, what is the Board of Directors of companies in other countries in the world, including Vietnam, which should focus on issues, especially the establishment of risk management mechanism in joint ventures. ...

Opening Vietnam Trade Portal

4:16 sáng | 17/07/2017
A single portal containing all trade-related regulations and procedures will save time and money for businesses, especially small and medium enterprises, who are interested or involved in the field. Export, import and transit of goods....

Hoi An renewal model sustainable growth

4:10 sáng | 17/07/2017
Also on the basis of promoting strengths, TP. Hoi An is struggling to mobilize social resources to invest in the development of tourism infrastructure such as parking lots, stops, public toilets and service facilities at Cua Dai port. Cu Lao Cham also encourages tourism business units to continue to improve the quality of visitor services, from improved service attitudes to improved visitor services....